LEDs produce morelight per watt than incandescent bulbs.Their efficiency is not affected by shape and size,unlike Fluorescent light bulbs or tubes. LEDs can emit light of an intended color without the use of color filters than traditional lighting methods require.

We can provide LED in different area with more efficient ,lower initial cost and long useful life..

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Welcome to Liteledon LEDON was established in 1994, Under the efforts of all members in the company, it has enlarged it scale in recent years for green lights.

Equipped with plastic injection machines, aluminum die casting machines, advanced SMT lines, wave soldering machine and all the testing equipment for LED lights, LEDON is dedicated to LED bulbs, LED tubes, LED table lights, LED night lights.LEDON has also its own tooling workshop to offer customized light solution.

LEDON is expecting to have further cooperation with customers from all over the world, to make the world green energy-saving with great enthusiasm. LEDON will continue to explore and innovate.

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